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Our company, Pollen Brands, specializes in designing for Environmentally and Socially responsible companies. We have a strong foundation in branding and website design. Our ultimate goal is to help purpose-driven companies grow and expand into something bigger, through digital means.

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Pollen Brands

How the Web Is Transforming The Eyewear Industry

The Internet has dramatically impacted many industries. The most obvious examples are of course the music and book publishing industries. But another field that doesn’t get as much attention is the world of eyewear. Retailers, eye doctors, consumers, and eyewear designers have all benefited from improvements brought on by the use of the web.

Before the Internet, consumers used to use the Yellow Pages to find doctors and book their eye appointments on the phone. Now they can book appointments directly through a retailer’s website. Stanton Optical is one company that does exactly that, and the process saves time and encourages customers to visit more frequently than they otherwise would.

The use of QR codes is being implemented in eyewear retail stores as well. QR codes are like barcodes that can be scanned with a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet.

The QR code will then lead to content or a website that displays more information about the product connected to the code. Store managers can attach a little tag with a QR code on each pair of glasses or on the display for each designer, and attach a code that leads to more information on the glasses or brand. This takes the place of having a lot of sales copy around the products, and it also allows customers to get answers themselves, rather than waiting for an available salesperson.

The Internet is also changing the way eyewear companies communicate with consumers. Many companies have found a lot of success with viral marketing, sometimes even by accident. Companies will create a commercial and the Internet will reward creativity in ways television never could. For example, Stanton Optical’s commercials typically feature their glasses as animated characters, jumping or talking on screen. This creative feature is especially appealing to young children. This YouTube video shows a young toddler gleefully interacting with the commercial, providing free viral marketing for the company.

The web has also opened up many new opportunities for consumers to search online and find the best deals on designer frames. Many websites offer rebates, sales, coupons, or specials on a variety of products, including eyewear. Ebates for example is an online store similar to Amazon, and it offers rebates and cash back rewards as you spend more on the site. Other sites like Groupon and FatWallet offer daily coupons and deals.

Ohio Ancient Order of Hibernians

The Ancient Order of Hibernians is a Catholic, Irish American Fraternal Organization founded in New York City 4 May,1836. The Order can trace its roots back to a parent organization, of the same name, which has existed in Ireland for over 300 years.


“…to promote Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity among its members by raising or supporting a fund of money for maintaining the aged, sick, blind and infirm members, for the payment of funeral benefits, for the advancement of the principles of Irish nationality, for the legitimate expenses of the Order, and for no other purpose whatsoever.”

Ohio Ancient Order of Hibernians

DGL Creative

The idea was to create a scene that has an overwhelming effect on you in the

same way that a movie captures your imagination. A relaxing yet powerful, post

apocalyptic scene where everything has vanished.

DLG Creative

The landmarks we once knew are now rubble and the world which we live, where advertising and design visuals are everywhere – are no more. Think Times Square at night and then imagine a world with no advertising or design. Everything we know has been designed, such as famous landmarks, cars, billboards, buildings etc, so a world without design is a world of doom and gloom!!

DGL Creative

Best Internet Marketing Company

Best Internet Marketing Company

Best Internet Marketing Company

BMI Elite, located in Boca Raton, Florida, is a full service digital advertising agency and affiliate network that leads the industry in performance-based marketing initiatives and we believe is the Best Internet Marketing Company. The BMI Elite staff is a group of savvy and talented professionals fueled by a passion to create purposeful online advertising, superior branding and the best marketing strategies possible. Driven by the simple philosophy to create an extraordinary online marketing presence for its clients, BMI Elite’s advertising, branding, and marketing strategies yield dramatic measurable results for clientele who span across the globe. In addition to providing top-notch search engine optimization for businesses in all industries, BMI Elite’s services include email marketing, lead generation, pay-per-click marketing, website design, remarketing, online reputation management, mobile marketing, social media marketing and direct mail/postal verification.

Studies have shown that search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites. Since your clients and prospects are most likely searching for you on the web, it is extremely important for you to be present. BMI Elite has successfully increased the visibility of its clients’ websites in the search engines and obtained top positions for them for high value keywords. The BMI team enjoys working with businesses of all sizes, from small local businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, to provide best-in-class consulting and planning services, which enable a better online presence and client acquisition.

They are unparalleled in manifesting lead generation, search engine marketing and understanding customer behavior. In addition, BMI Elite sets new quality standards for our clients to generate quality leads. They have developed proprietary software to retarget, or remarket, which is unique to the industry and allows their clients to re-engage with their customers in a whole new way.

A core attribute of BMI Elite is their integrity. This is clear in their mission statement, which is: “To create an extraordinary online marketing presence that yields successful and measurable results for our clients and their bottom line.” The proof is in the statistics. BMI Elite clients are appreciating between 50 percent and 300 percent increase in their online business. Some businesses have even appreciated over 4000 percent.

If you’re looking to build online success, BMI Elite would love to hear from you. The company’s team of professionals, each with a unique area of expertise, will work with you to identify which strategies will garner optimum results for your advertising and branding goals. From there, the BMI Elite team will oversee the success of your campaigns from concept to completion.

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