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Witches Of The Craft is Witchcraft for the 21st Century. We are dedicated to dispelling all the old myths and stereotypes associated with Witches and the Craft. It is our mission to tell the truth about our Religion and its beauty. As well as our mission, it is our goal to bring Witchcraft back into its’ rightful place into today’s mainstream Religions.


Now Accepting Website Submissions

After being off line for such a long period of time, we are finally back up and running.

We are currently accepting submissions for The World Famous Golden Web Awards!

With our new system, we have implemented the opportunity to upload your Logo or Screenshot of your website to show in your Award Winner Post.

Looking forward to seeing some of the applications that are being submitted.

There will be 2 types of Winners, we will have a Daily Winner and a Monthly Winner, you only have to submit your site once a month and you will be applied for both submissions.

Monthly Winners will get listed on our Homepage in the Monthly Winner Section with a Link to their website!

Good Luck All!

Golden Web Award Admin

Incoming search terms:


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Every September, Forbes publishes its popular list of the 400 Richest Americans. Started in 1982, the list includes the wealthiest Americans based on their net worth. This list captures the entrepreneurial and individual energy of American corporations.

This list will typically give the story of that person’s accumulation of wealth, the company, the person’s age and education. The list also analyzes the trend of finances and the leadership. The 2010 list showed that the total wealth of the 400 richest individuals was $1.37 trillion. This total was a drop from 2008 when the total sum was $1.54 trillion. All individuals were worth in excess of $1 billion. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, continued to hold the title as the richest American for the 17th year in a row.

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Web Award Winners August 2000 – 2001

YosemitePark.com Rifle.it Veople.com
Match21.com Smartstone.com Krashtest.org
otelalibaba.com Oceanalliance.org Mantamedia.com
Buergermusik.ch Xstechnology.com ReconnectingIowans
Bikin.al.ru Stylography.com Attorneyforman.com
Lilzaneism.cjb.net Zooatlanta.org Dazzle’s Musicbox
Cityu.edu.hk/puo ChildrensHopeInt.org Querico.com
Avenue12.com Sluhospital.com Stormnetwork.net
Nycenet.edu/spanish 100X.com Webhelp.com
Divinginaustralia.com Competis.com Milleniumsys.com
Greatgrips.com Flashlink.com Sandrine Follere
Lacortehotel.com Fletchersign.com Mellieha.com/ibc
It-technologies.i12 Wagner Home Page Home-canada.ca
Thesportstank.com Wrv.com Herteen.com
Rvradio.com World-voyager.com Howtocleananything
Mi6.co.uk Ucpress.edu Klickit.com
Pfizer.ca Hspeople.com/ Centriz.com
Uviva.com.au Interpay.com.au Kinisbikinis.com
Magnaig Homepage Coriumscience.com Thetoyworks.com
Obweb.it Atomickitten.com Nutritionexplorations
Keysdining.com Hs-pr.com Vbp.com
Alisalbasketball.com Codereddesign.com lawbuzz.com
Interlog.com/~mighty Positivewords.com Safelaunch.com
E-dsigns.com ArtisticContours.com Tom47.com
Awebstudio.it Morethanwords.net Stockback.com
Prismavirtual.com Digitalethic.com Inspiration.st
Lightonline.org Dienst24.de Reboiro.com
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Energyindustries Kids.nsw.gov.au/inquiry Stephanieburns.com
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Gallerynow.com Mezafineart.com Arttreat.com

The list below is NOT in any particular order regarding score, achievement, design, content, creativity, prestige, or member favorites.

These websites are recent award winners chosen randomly from our database and are not inclusive of all our winners.

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Web Award Winners July 2000 – 2001

July 2000 – 2001 Golden Web Award Site of the Month

aBook.com Beech Nut Creative-Web Design
Womens Financial Network The Black World Today IQseek.com
Ameritech Dynomall.com eThailand.com
Old Orchard Junior High Ctizens Internet DTSN
Leading Edge Media Cyberteks Erols.com
Portera Systems Educating.Net WestWood Studios
HAKA Kuche Developy StarNet InfoTech
Keep Schools Safe Theatre Services Guide Town of Cary
E-Book Systems Surfree.com LatinSite.com
Electronic Imaging Istros Media Corporation Ignifuge.com
Ocd3 Design Group Big Planet.com ProLog
Barbecue’n on the Internet American Books Publishing Web Giant
SoundStrokes.com Liquid Fusion Cinegram
Ace Web Site Builders @Home Peak Land
IFS Credit Frost & Sullivan SPI Group
Port of Coos Bay GMSI Pacesetters Int’l.
Spectis The 12 Volt.com Cher.com
Nubop.com Philly2nite.com Majee
Noble Technologies Revelations Photography Auto Products.com
Voltronics USatWork HiSpeed Technologies
Sunny Medical Center WedSeek.com Noveau Web
MesaStaff ZeNite iAmerica
Little Dealer Stels Design Studio EveryPath
WSD Internet NetUtah.com Quarton Web Development
OneStopVa Edge.com MagicWorld
TriStar Computer 800 Hampers Web NW
BCI Communications Escape Portera Systems

The list below is NOT in any particular order regarding score, achievement, design, content, creativity, prestige, or member favorites.

These websites are recent award winners chosen randomly from our database and are not inclusive of all our winners.