DGL Creative

The idea was to create a scene that has an overwhelming effect on you in the

same way that a movie captures your imagination. A relaxing yet powerful, post

apocalyptic scene where everything has vanished.

DLG Creative

The landmarks we once knew are now rubble and the world which we live, where advertising and design visuals are everywhere – are no more. Think Times Square at night and then imagine a world with no advertising or design. Everything we know has been designed, such as famous landmarks, cars, billboards, buildings etc, so a world without design is a world of doom and gloom!!

DGL Creative

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Now Accepting Website Submissions

After being off line for such a long period of time, we are finally back up and running.

We are currently accepting submissions for The World Famous Golden Web Awards!

With our new system, we have implemented the opportunity to upload your Logo or Screenshot of your website to show in your Award Winner Post.

Looking forward to seeing some of the applications that are being submitted.

There will be 2 types of Winners, we will have a Daily Winner and a Monthly Winner, you only have to submit your site once a month and you will be applied for both submissions.

Monthly Winners will get listed on our Homepage in the Monthly Winner Section with a Link to their website!

Good Luck All!

Golden Web Award Admin