Hallo, wir unsere internationale Website auf der Drupal-Plattform vor kurzem neu gestaltet. Unsere Website hat zur Zeit in Lingotek gebunden ist manuell zu unterstützen, das Hochladen, dann das Herunterladen automatisch übersetzten Inhalte für jeden Knoten. It is a great process and one that I’ve been told is a “Zuerst” for Lingotek and Drupal.

Interactive Intelligence

We also recently implemented Acquia Lift onto our system. Lift will allow for personalization of our site based upon a number of factors we can choose. We can provide healthcare info/images to someone from the healthcare industry. Furthermore depending upon their business level we are able to serve up unique content, images, etc. that would showcase issues they may be facing. Pretty slick.

Interactive Intelligence

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