Family Tree Tops is unique. Created by surveyor, engineer and artist, John Meng-Frecker has introduced a novel artistic approach to family trees for genealogy. WordPress provides the perfect environment for showcasing art and blogging about genealogy. The site is integrated with Pinterest and business is conducted on Etsy. Family Tree Tops features family tree ideas with unique geometry and Wikimedia art used to portray a radial time-scale view of family trees with gorgeous backgrounds.

Family Tree Tops takes a different look at family trees from the top! By “looking down at genealogy”, contemporary cousins appear as adjacent branches of a descendant tree growing and dividing from great grandparents in the center. This compact view solves the age-old problem of illustrating four generations of a family with 300 individual names. Ideas for “living family trees” and “the confluence of current time” are explored as well as innovations like Google Photos for Genealogy and hyperlinked family trees.

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