Tech Lincoln

Tech Lincoln

Tech Lincoln training can be your LINC to tens of thousands of jobs opening around the country each year for people who’ve got the right skills. Learn how we can help you find your LINC today, and start on your road to overcoming the Skills Gap!

The Lincoln Brand Promise

Lincoln’s promise to our students is simple: We will work tirelessly to help you succeed on the road to new career opportunities.

This promise drives our day-to-day activities and allows us to continue shaping the nation’s workforce for Careers That Build America. Nous sommes ici pour réunir les employeurs qui cherchent circulation des professionnels formés avec les candidats qui ont fait preuve de passion pour leur domaine et de l'engagement dans la salle de classe.

Within that simple philosophy is a deeper recognition that providing unmatched training leading to outstanding career opportunities is a complex process, et nous promettons:

... de ne livrer que les mieux formés, goals, and ambitions.

… to never waver in our commitment to providing outstanding, student-centered career training that leads to quality employment opportunities for those students who entrust their futures to us.

… to make available resources beyond what the curriculum calls for: To provide support services not only for students, but parents as well, and ensure all who want to succeed, peut réussir.

... de ne livrer que les mieux formés, Santé des femmes.

… to work with you to help you find your first job in your new career—and to show you the skills you need to connect with, and impress, potential employers.

… to celebrate your first job acceptance with you after graduation from Lincoln, and to always leave the door open for you if your plans change in the future.

At Lincoln, we promise to do whatever we can to make your enrollment in a Lincoln school the best professional decision of your life.


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