The POS (Point of Sale) System is one of the most crucial part of the retail and restaurant businesses, these days. Having your own customized POS system over the cash register helps you to get all the detailed sales reports. Thus, it is great for the cashier as well as for the accountants. This POS software helps you to analyze all the details such as item sold, offers and promotions on any items, time of its sale and the name of the cashier too. It provides accuracy and hence there are no chances of mistakes. You can get free POS system from Harbortouch for retails, salons, restaurants and bars as well as or small businesses.

What Does Harbortouch Provide?

Harbortouch provides you with a complete POS system solution. It includes POS hardware, POS software as well as integrated merchant services which is perfect for any small businesses, retail stores, salons and restaurants or café. You do not have to spend hours on researching about what you need for your business. Harbortouch asks you some basic questions and you have to answer that. Then, they will know what type of system you actually need for your business or store. With a minimal fees you can get a great service from them.

Harbortouch provides separate POS systems for your different business needs. You can choose the best based on what type of business you have. Each of the POS system has different features that cover different needs and requirements of that particular business. So, click on the et Started for Free’ option and answer some of the questions they ask. Here they will ask you about the type of business you own such as apparel or footwear, hotel or restaurant, salon or grocery store etc. Once you have completed answering all the questions, they will forward your free setup application.

How To Get The Free POS System?

It is quite easy to get the free POS system for your retail stores and restaurants from Harbortouch. You have to follow some simple and easy steps to get it. These are:

Contact Harbortouch: You have to first contact the Harbortouch for getting POS system for free. For that, you have to apply for the free point of sale offer. Get Approval: Once you have applied for the free point of sale system, you have to wait for their approval. When you get approved for the free software and hardware, you are good to go. You just have to pay a monthly fee that covers the support and services.Free Installation: You will get a free installation from the Harbortouch on Elite by their certified technicians. All the technicians they have are well trained and certified. Hence, you will get a great and seamless service.

Along with that you will also get lifetime warranty on the hardware. There are no other upfront costs. You will get free onsite installation, free menu programming as well as free paper supplies. Once you have it installed, you will get the best support from their staffs.

Why To Choose This?

Choosing the free point of sale system by Harbortouch will help you in many ways. You do not have to spend hours researching for the best services providing POS software and hardware. Harbortouch offers you the best in class Point of Sale system for your retail stores, restaurants, salon and spas, small businesses and cafés. It is the most hassle-free service that you can ever get. You just have to apply for the program online. You will then receive the POS equipment along with free installation and no upfront cost. Even the month service and support fee that you will have to pay is very less. This minimal fee will cover all the essential services.

Final Thought

If you own a business and looking for the best and most effective POS system, then Harbortouch can provide you with that. You can apply for the free POS system offered by them. It includes free software and hardware based on your business. It also comes with all the essential features needed for running your business and analyzing your sales smoothly. So, this saves a lot of your valuable time as well as money. Harbortouch can take care of all your POS system needs and requirements efficiently.

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