Hugs Across The Cosmos is Your Cosmic Healing Gateway offering fellow travellers of all ages information and tools for the journey we call life through a wide range of Healing Resources for a new age to help you grow and heal from within.

Hugs Across The Cosmos was founded in 2011 by the Reverend Doctor David Sidgwick and the Reverend Joshua Sidgwick. We are an accredited healing institution with the International Natural Healers Association and offer unique opportunities to Explore, Study, Heal & Grow in a new light.

We are open by appointment in Central Bendigo, Victoria, Australia with Home Visits & Distance Healing also available…

Our Guided Meditations, Healing Sessions, Products & Resources are designed to help you discover the peace and tranquility found in the healing balance of your choices of now.

Our online resources include our exclusive Guided Meditations & Courses made available in digital format, PDF eBooks, MP3 Audio and FREE products to help you. There’s a unique Cosmic Library of Information to help you better understand that which is above, below and around us all as well as other healing resources for your journey to discover too.

Our reach is global with our healing beacon of love helping many throughout Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, India and the United Kingdom, to name but a few.

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