sinau 27 is a website desain lan pembangunan agency dumunung ing Asturias , kita sing spesialisasine jarwan ing tumitah lan manajemen toko online, web hosting, digital marketing, SEO posisi and we kurban kursus pasuryan-kanggo-pasuryan ing Oviedo (Asturias), kang wiwit lelampahan ing layanan web ing 2008.

For the design and development of web pages and online stores we use content managers such as WordPress, Joomla utawa Prestashop adapted to the needs of our customers so that the user experience is the best and most pleasant as possible.

For web hosting we use private servers located in bongso Spanyol, with exclusive access to the administration area of ​​our customers, lan ing syarat-syarat posisi web, it is now essential to have a good positioning in search engines such as Google, bing utawa yahoo to find us easily.

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