At Naprotek, we are focused on solving your biggest challenges. As experts in providing electronics manufacturing services (EMS), our goal is not only to deliver the results you expect but also to delight you with the quality of the solution we provide.

Founded in 1995 by Najat Badriyeh, Naprotek, Inc is a woman-owned business located in the heart of Silicon Valley.  We bring your concepts and products to market on-time, with the highest quality possible.  Naprotek sets the standard for High-quality prototypes and Made-in-America production.  We don’t compromise any aspect of our business.  Your product is simply too important.

Challenges, timelines, new technologies, deadlines…..sound familiar? We hear it all the time at Naprotek. We have developed our skills by listening to our customers and responding to their needs. You simply can’t survive in this highly-competitive market unless you differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition. At Naprotek, we have successfully created a truly unique customer experience. From early concept to production, you can’t duplicate our recipe for success anywhere else. Bring on your challenges, timelines, new technologies, and deadlines….We are here, and we know how to help…

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