Wisp Lash Lounge.com is a custom designed WordPress website. Combining aesthetically pleasing design elements with a robust backend, this site is an excellent example of beauty being more than skin deep.

The website is for a luxury eyelash extension brand targeting women educated women who invest in their health and beauty regularly. The site and allows the consumer the ability to instantly create an account with Wisp Lash Lounge and book their appointments online. The business owners shared with us their goal of an environmentally friendly, paper free business. With that in mind, the backend of the website was built. Clients are able to completely consent and medical release forms that are then uploaded to Wisp’s CRM. The Employee Portal gives employees the ability to download and electronically fill out employment forms, request time off, and view the corporate calendar of events. The business owners are able to manage electronic employment forms, process and procedure guides, receive time off requests, and manage the corporate calendar all from the backend of their website. This website provides a needed marriage of function and style for this high-end beauty salon.

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